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The Native Americans who settled this region named it Ogunquit which meant "Beautiful Coastal Lagoon by the Sea" or "Beautiful Place By The Sea".  When colonists came to Ogunquit, they quickly established a ship building industry and a fishing community along the Ogunquit River and lived in the near by hill which is now Ogunquit Village.

Perkins Cove was originally Fish Cove. Fishing was the dominant industry, but the cove being unprotected by the headland and exposed to the breakers from Nor' Easters and Atlantic storms required fishermen to bring their boats to shore each night.  The townspeople dug a channel across land to bridge the cap between Fish Cove to the Josias River. Once the canal was complete, the ocean poured in and eroded the channel and widened it into a small basin. The resulting tidal water basin was eventually named Perkins Cove.  Today a  manually-operated draw footbridge, one of the most popular landmarks in all of the state of Maine, marks the entrance to Perkins Cove.

The rocky shores of Maine stop abruptly in Ogunquit with over three and a half miles of soft sandy beach wrapping the shores of Ogunquit.  The uniqueness and value of these features is noted by the three different types of protected lands that all occur at the apex of Ogunquit Beach, the salt march, the river mouth and the sand dunes.  The pale sand and dunes forming a barrier peninsula that protects Ogunquit Village and the Ogunquit River.   Ogunquit beach was connected to the mainland in the late 1800's with a bridge over the Ogunquit River.  Today, tourists pour over the bridge to enter the paradise that is Ogunquit Beach and recreational fishermen line the bridge to catch the mackerel, stripped bass and other tidal fish. 

How Ogunquit became Ogunquit
This weather-beaten fishing village was eventually discovered by artists. Ogunquit quickly became an artist colony and a hub for summer tourism. By the early 1900's, once the Ogunquit Art Colony was established, it was typical to see artists and fishermen performing their respective trades in and around Perkins Cove. To accommodate the growing summer tourism, ocean front hotels and inns began to pop up. Summer vacation cottages and beachfront homes were first built along the world famous oceanfront trail called the Marginal Way.  Summer vacation homes still dominate the real estate of Ogunquit, from The Footbridge, to the Village, to Little Beach and along the Marginal Way to Perkins Cove.  Ogunquit may be best known for the Marginal Way.  The Marginal Way winds along a mile and a half of rocky coast line. It begins in Perkins Cove, right next to the Oarweed Restaurant and overlooks the little known Oarweed Cove.  The Marginal Way continues along Israel's Head Bluff and along Little Beach or Sandy Cove. Eventually the scenic walk takes you along the Ogunquit town and to the cusps of Ogunquit Village.  Thank you for visiting Ogunquit Vacation Rentals, "a beautiful place on the web!"

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